What's Happening to Our Main Streets and How Can We Fix It?

Hint: By rejecting conventional wisdom about Euclidian zoning

Municipalities across the country are recognizing that their current zoning codes may have inadvertently helped create main streets and downtown centers that lack vibrancy and a sense of community.  Communities are nostalgic for the “way things were,” and looking for ways to bring activity and promise back to their main streets, maintain a sense of character and place, and reconnect the street to the community.  Form based codes offer a way to get there.
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Municipal Shared Services: What is Working for Our Communities?

Author: John Condino
With budgets being squeezed, many communities are considering sharing services with neighboring municipalities. Saving money and eliminating government layers are usually driving forces for considering municipal consolidation or shared services, but other key driving factors involve improving access to resources and skills offering better services, and creating a sustainable future for our communities.
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