Asset Management

Asset management is not a specific product, but a discipline that allows organizations with physical assets to achieve their objectives in the most cost effective way. An "asset" is defined as any entity that can be used to meet the needs of a client or customer by: performing an operation, functioning as part of a process, producing a product or performing a service.


Asset management is the optimal selection, maintenance, operation, inspection, and renewal of assets to maintain a desired level of service at the lowest life cycle cost. Lowest life cycle cost refers to the best appropriate cost for rehabilitating, repairing, or replacing assets. Asset Management is the science of making the right decisions and optimizing these processes.

Weedsport Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements and Asset Management Program
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Weedsport Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements and Asset Management Program

  • renovated control building
  • Converted treatment tank to SBR
  • Aerobic digesters
  • Control building with post-aeration blower
  • new blower building

The Village of Weedsport owns and operates a sanitary sewer system, portions of which date back to the early 1900s, and a 0.30 MGD activated sludge wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) constructed in the 1960s. In addition to the age of the facility, the WWTP’s average daily flow was at nearly 100 percent of the plant’s capacity, and peak wet weather flows are in excess of the plant’s influent pumping capacity, at times necessitating emergency bypass pumping operations by the WWTP operators.  B&L completed a combined collection system I/I Study and WWTP Facilities Plan and assisted the Village in securing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding for the project, including approximately $3.0M in principal forgiveness, of which approximately $400,000 is “Green Project Reserve” for energy efficiency measures incorporated into the WWTP improvements design.  An asset management program was developed following the plant upgrades.




ADA Carbon Solutions Maximo Implementation
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ADA Carbon Solutions

ADA Carbon Solutions

  • ADA Carbon Solutions Maximo Implementation
  • ADA Carbon Solutions

Barton & Loguidice staff have been working with ADA Carbon Solutions on the implementation and use of an asset management software system to track all activities on over $400 million of assets. Since the construction of the largest activated carbon plant in the world,  Barton & Loguidice staff have been actively assisting the staff at ADA Carbon Solutions with the management of their assets with a world-class software tool. The Maximo software system tracks all the activities associated with more than 6,000 assets managed by the staff. In addition, all purchasing, inventory control, time tracking, and material management business processes are all tracked by their Maximo software.


Trail System Asset Management and Manual
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Mohonk & Minnewaska Carriage Roads Asset Managemen

Mohonk & Minnewaska Carriage Roads

  • Mohonk and Minnewaska Carriage Roads

B&L was retained to review existing GIS data and establish a Conditions Assessment and Classification system to help automate data collection and inventory the conditions of 65 miles of carriageways within the Minnewaska State Park Preserve and Mohonk Preserve.


B&L collected the data using handheld GPS equipment having sub-meter horizontal accuracy and a two-person all-terrain vehicle.

From this GIS mapping, B&L developed a carriage road naming and stationing convention to assist with documenting work needed on the extensive trail network. After the inventory and analysis was completed, B&L performed an existing systems assessment, cultural resources assessment, maintenance assessment, rehabilitation assessment, and opinion of probable cost. All of this was presented to the client in a Restoration and Maintenance Manual for the Shawangunk Carriage Roads Systems. This manual offers a guide to estimate costs of restoration, reconstruction, and maintenance.






Services for Asset Management
  • Business process mapping
  • Asset condition assessment
  • Data collection
  • Gap assessments
  • Capital improvement and renewal planning assistance
  • Rate studies
  • Information technology analysis and implementation
  • Application and data integration
  • cMOM/distribution system management support
  • Facility information management
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Benchmarking and key performance indicator development
Onondaga County Asset Management Training and Maximo Upgrade
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OCDWEP Asset Management

OCDWEP Asset Management

  • Work order business process


B&L is working with Onondaga County on reviewing and improving their current asset management business processes and use of their enterprise asset management software system, IBM’s Maximo. Working with the County’s staff, from senior leadership to crew leaders, B&L is developing new business processes incorporating industry best practices for total asset management. In addition, we are assisting the County’s IT staff with the technical requirements to upgrade their enterprise asset management software to the latest version.


Village of Malone GASB 34 Infrastructure Asset Inventory and Valuation
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Malone Asset Management


  • Inventory System Tool

B&L assessed the inventory, original cost, and depreciation value of the Village of Malone’s infrastructure capital assets as set forth by the capital asset reporting requirements of GASB Statement 34. The following categories of infrastructure assets were inventoried and valued:

  • Water and sewer systems
  • Drainage systems

  • Roadways

  • Dams

  • Lighting systems - including masts, towers, lighting fixtures, and power/transformer facilities.

B&L provided an Asset Inventory System Tool, a Microsoft Excel- and Access-based tool for managing the inventory of fixed capital assets for the Village.