Planning and Site Design
Good planning and site design requires a broad knowledge base, which we provide through our diverse group of licensed engineers, planners, architectural designers, landscape architects, professional geologists, and scientists. Our experienced landscape architects provide environmentally sensitive planning and design services and our familiarity with zoning, subdivision and building codes, environmental regulations and permitting will help guide you through the regulatory process. Let our technical capabilities lay the groundwork for smart growth in your community.
City of Syracuse Brownfield Opportunity Areas Nomination Phase
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Syracuse BOA

Syracuse BOA

  • Salina Gateway Master Plan
  • Erie Boulevard Master Plan

The City of Syracuse entered the Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program in the Nomination Phase (Step 2), and contracted with B&L as the prime consultant to complete nomination studies for two locations within the City of Syracuse.  The studies include extensive data collection, land planning and analysis, economic analysis and market feasibility, programming and public participation.  The remediation and redevelopment of adjacent brownfields will assist to improve the environment, the overall economic vitality and aesthetic look of the area.


The emphasis for these BOA projects is on planning and market analysis for the potential reuse of particular sites and the revitalization of identified target areas.  Also key to these projects is the development of a community based plan and strategy with particular emphasis on the identification and reuse potential of priority brownfield sites.  B&L worked with the Syracuse Brownfield Advisory Committee to guide the Nomination study in maintaining the City’s goals and objectives outlined in the Syracuse Comprehensive Plan 2025.  The purpose of the BOA Nominations is to obtain designation of the study areas to enable the vision identified in the comprehensive plans.




Tupper Lake Revitalization, Smart Growth Planning, and Multi-Modal Trail
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Tupper Lake

Tupper Lake

  • Village of Tupper Lake Master Plan
  • Downtown revitalization rendering
  • Demars Boulevard design guidelines

B&L developed a conceptual plan for the revitalization of the Village of Tupper Lake downtown, the site development for an Adirondack Community Information Center, the design of a multi-modal linkage connecting the downtown and waterfront, and the inventory and development of a conceptual recreational facilities plan for the Village Municipal Park.  The Tupper Lake Multi-Use Recreational Trail and Transportation Master Plan enabled the Village of Tupper Lake to obtain funding from the Transportation Enhancement Program (TEP) in order to progress the conversion of an abandoned rail corridor to bicycle and pedestrian trails, a key component of the Master Plan.   B&L is currently progressing this project by preparing preliminary site design and construction documentation, and property acquisition. In addition, The Town and Village of Tupper Lake received a Smart Growth grant and B&L prepared Smart Growth Design Guidelines to provide a basis for architects, engineers, landscape architects, developers, Town and Village Planning Board members, residents and Village officials to address site development issues within the core business corridors of the Village of Tupper Lake.

Planning and Site Services
  • Site planning and layout
  • Municipal planning/engineering reviews
  • Landscape architecture
  • Recreation facilities/parks/trailways and bikeways
  • Comprehensive land use planning and zoning evaluations
  • Site drainage/stormwater management
  • GIS planning/inventory
  • Grant writing
  • Site feasibility studies
  • Environmental Impact Statements/permits
  • Historic/site interpretation
  • Multi-modal transportation systems
  • Parking facilities
  • Visual simulation/renderings
  • Training for municipal planning and zoning boards
Falls View Park
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Falls View Park

Falls View Park

  • Falls View Park
  • ADA compliant fishing pier
  • Part of the Erie Canalway Heritage Corridor
  • FallsViewPark.JPG

The Falls View Park project site is located along Mohawk Street in the City of Cohoes, NY, adjacent to the Brookfield Renewable Power School Street Hydro Plant. These neighborhood recreation enhancements establish public access to previously inaccessible areas for viewing and enjoying the majestic Cohoes Falls—a natural wonder 1100 feet wide and more than 85 feet high.


In addition to the landscape features, B&L designed temporary and permanent stormwater treatment systems, drainage, walkways, and structural elements. B&L assisted with conceptual planning, preliminary engineering, final engineering design, construction observation, and stormwater pollution prevention plan inspections.




City of Mechanicville Downtown Revitalization Grant Project

B&L provided design guidelines based on the City of Mechanicville Downtown Revitalization Plan. B&L worked with the city and the community to prioritize grant applications that can be applied for to revitalize the city's downtown.  As part of the project, B&L coordinated a meeting and bus tour for numerous funding agencies to showcase the opportunities for projects in Mechanicville that can serve to increase tourism, create jobs, improve pedestrian access, share services, upgrade recreational facilities, and provide for business growth in the downtown business core.


To date, B&L has assisted the City of Mechanicville with the preparation of grant applications, which have brought nearly $12 million in grant funding to the City.