Solid Waste Management

B&L develops practical, sustainable, environmentally sound and economical solid waste management solutions. We have the technical expertise, regulatory understanding, funding experience and project management skills necessary to assist you in evaluating, developing and implementing your solid waste management or recycling project. We provide engineering assistance at every stage of the solid waste management process, designing and permitting new and retrofitted materials recovery facilities, compost facilities, energy recovery facilities, landfill gas systems, and transfer stations. We also offer assistance with environmental compliance, procurement of private disposal services, geotechnical engineering, environmental impact statements and comprehensive planning. 

Madison County Solar Landfill Cover
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Madison Solar

Madison Solar

  • Installation of the first Municipal Solar Cover
  • Overview: Madison County Landfill Solar Cover
  • Overview of the Madison Landfill Facility

Madison County has recently become the first in the nation to deploy a flexible membrane photovoltaic system for the recovery of solar energy at a municipally owned solid waste management facility. The facility is the West Side Landfill, located at the Madison County solid waste management complex in the Town of Lincoln.  This cutting edge technology allows for the collection of solar energy from a closed portion of the landfill, which is then converted to usable electricity. The solar electricity recovered is being used to reduce the grid based electrical energy demands of the material recycling facility (MRF) operating on-site.  These electrical usage reductions improve the overall economics of local recycling efforts, in addition to recovering renewable green power.


Winner of the 2011 APWA Central New York Branch Environmental Project of the Year Award and 2013 ACEC New York Platinum Award.




Monroe County EcoPark - A Public/Private Partnership
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Monroe County EcoPark

Monroe County EcoPark

  • Monroe County EcoPark
  • Entrance Sign for the Monroe County EcoPark
  • Aerial shot of Monroe County EcoPark
  • Aerial shot of Monroe County EcoPark
  • Sorting paint at the Monroe County EcoPark

Barton & Loguidice provided alternatives analysis, permitting, design, and construction assistance for this household hazardous waste facility in Monroe County.  The project is an adaptive reuse of an underutilized solid waste and recyclable transfer station facility.


The project is a public-private partnership between the County and Waste Management New York that is one of the first facilities in the nation with the ability to simultaneously accept household hazardous waste, pharmaceuticals, and a broad range of recyclable/reusable materials.  The Ecopark aids in extracting hazardous materials from the waste stream and diverting them from the landfill. This brings value to the materials while helping to protect the land, air and water environments and human health.


Winner of the 2011 APWA Monroe/Genesee Valley Branch Technical Innovation Award and APWA New York Chapter Technical and Management Innovation Award.









Our Solid Waste Services
  • Landfill permitting, final design, expansion, and closure
  • Household hazardous waste facilities
  • Materials recovery facilities and transfer stations
  • Environmental monitoring, reporting and data management (GIS)
  • Landfill gas collection systems
  • Recycling and composting facilities
  • Waste and landfill gas-to-energy facilities
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site remediation
  • Funding assistance
  • Solar landfill caps
  • Facility permitting
  • Environmental impact statements and assessments
  • Site selection studies and redevelopment plans
  • Leachate storage and treatment
  • Operations advice and troubleshooting
  • Construction administration and oversight
Landfill Gas Pipeline
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Conestoga LFG Pipeline

Conestoga LFG Pipeline

  • compressor station.jpg
  • Conestoga LFG pipeline.jpg
  • Conestoga LFG pipeline2.jpg

Barton & Loguidice provided assistance to Granger Energy for various engineering and permitting tasks for developing and implementing a landfill gas processing facility and a 9-mile direct use pipeline that connects to the 13-mile landfill gas pipeline from Lanchester Landfill. A high-tech gas processing facility houses equipment that will compress, filter, and dry the landfill gas prior to conveying the gas by pipeline for industrial use. The landfill gas will be transported from the Conestoga Landfill via an 18-inch pipeline that is designed and constructed specifically for low-pressure landfill gas service.  B&L coordinated the pipeline design and permitting efforts including numerous wetland and stream crossings, numerous landowner easements, coordination with utilities, material purchasing, and various other tasks to expedite the construction schedule.


B&L provided additional services including:

  • developing grading scenarios for the station;
  • obtaining required State and Local permitting including Construction NPDES permit, Highway Occupancy Permit, local Land Development Plan approval, and zoning approvals;
  • siting a 30” vacuum intake line;
  • designing a subsurface storm water infiltration system;
  • developing a post construction storm water management plan; and
  • coordinating permitting efforts regarding onsite wetlands, including surveys for state listed flora and fauna.


The project won the Landfill Methane Outreach Program 2008 Project of the Year award from the EPA.



Oneida Herkimer Solid Waste Authority Ava Landfill
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Oneida Herkimer Solid Waste Authority Ava Landfill

Oneida Herkimer Solid Waste Authority Ava Landfill

  • Oneida Herkimer (1).JPG
  • Oneida Herkimer (2).JPG
  • Oneida Herkimer (3).JPG

B&L assisted with siting, permitting, design, and construction of the Regional Landfill Facility in the Town of Ava, the first new landfill site for mixed municipal solid waste to be built and become operational in New York State in over a decade. B&L was the principal author of an Environmental Impact Statement and alternatives analysis and prepared the applications and received regulatory approval of the solid waste permits and Title V air permit for the 150-acre Subtitle D landfill facility. Following issuance of the permits, B&L prepared final plans and specifications for the site access roads, leachate storage and loadout facility, the first 23.6 acres of double composite liner, leachate pump station, fueling facility, scale, operations and maintenance facility, storage facilities, site-wide SCADA system, an extensive stormwater management and staged sediment control system, as well as a study for a future landfill gas collection facility. B&L was responsible for all construction administration and inspection for the project.


Winner of a 2007 APWA Central New York Branch Environmental Project of the Year award and a 2008 ACEC New York Diamond Award.