Beach Road Reconstruction


Beach Road, a four-lane 1.1 mile urban collector, is the principal transportation corridor serving the south shore of Lake George, linking the Million Dollar Beach and Fort William Henry to the Village Center and the greater resort area. B&L investigated and designed the optimal reallocation of ROW width to accommodate multiple modes of travel (vehicle, pedestrian, bicyclist, transit, and horse-drawn carriage) and to correct pavement, drainage, and aesthetic deficiencies.



Green Infrastructure Design


Working with NYSDOT material scientists and engineers at the forefront of green and sustainable infrastructure, B&L has developed Heavy Duty porous asphalt specifications for the asphalt mix design, foundation and reservoir courses, installation procedures and requirements, testing protocol, and acceptance criteria. These specifications will become the NYSDOT and NYSDEC standards in 2013. The procedures and specifications provide the guidance to construct Heavy Duty porous asphalt pavement systems suitable for use on northeastern state and county owned roadways.

The project will eliminate direct stormwater discharges into Lake George for storm events of 5” or less in a 24‐hour time period, markedly reducing the pollutant loading for all but the most severe events. Research conducted in the northeast by the University of New Hampshire has shown that salt de‐icing applications on porous asphalt pavements can be reduced by up to 50% and significantly reduce black ice formation while reducing the chloride loading in the lake The asphalt layer will promote the aerobic / biological breakdown of hydrocarbons in petroleum products and capture sediment and particles laden with metals and other pollutants until the bi-annual vacuuming is conducted.


This project won the 2014 American Council of Engineering Companies New York Platinum Award for Transportation, and is #8 on Roads and Bridges 2014 Top 10 Roads. The APWA Capital District Branch also awarded this project a 2014 Environmental Project of the Year Award.